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MaxOut Strength Studio, located in the Limerick Square Shopping Center since 2010, has established itself as the premier strength and conditioning location in the greater Spring-Ford area.  Their unique approach to muscle development, athletic performance, and injury prevention has set them apart from the rest.  They utilize science, technology, and a positive environment to help every person who comes through their doors achieve their fitness goals.

The Science

MaxOut is like no other gym in America.  What they are able to do with the human body is a direct result of a combination of their unique strength training equipment and a proven methodology that produces unprecedented results in the human body.  Their unique strength training equipment, known as the MaxOut Tower, is a mechanical, computer driven, counter-weight device that attaches to existing strength training equipment (leg press, leg curl, squat rack, etc).  The Tower, when deployed properly, provides lift assistance on every repetition, allowing the user to lower a heavier weight (amount found on the barbell or weight stack).

Why would lowering/lifting two different weights be important?  

The short answer:  Physiologically, the body is 20-40% stronger holding and lowering weight than it is lifting weight.

In most gyms, the limiting factor in weight training is the amount you can LIFT, not what you can lower.  If you can't get it off your chest, you can't do another repetition.  Right?  You can walk down more steps than up.  It's easier to lower someone off a cliff than it is to pull them up.

The science of the human body tells us if you habitually place a muscle under a specific load, for a predetermined duration of time, it will conform and adapt to that load.  What does this mean?

Let's use the squat as an example.

If your body can hold and lower 300lbs (not lift) and you were somehow able to repeat that process for multiple repetitions in a row, for a predetermined duration of time, your body would conform and adapt to the 300lbs.  You would eventually be able to lift it.

This well-regarded scientific principle is called Wolff's Law.  It is the foundation of MaxOut's methodology.  The MaxOut Tower allows for this to happen in a measured and mechanical manner.  It is safe and precise for each lifter.  MaxOut is able to safely and effectively create new muscle, in less time, than any other strength training program ever offered.

It's Science and it works!



MaxOut Strength Studio offers 3 different levels of programming.

1) MaxOut Strength Training - One and Two day per week, full body strength training sessions utilizing the MaxOut Tower.

2) Athletic Based Training - 22 yards of turf area have been dedicated to this program.  It consists of athletic development classes, speed and agility classes, plyometrics, core/lumbar training, prehab and rehab exercises, and more.

3) Leadership Development - Helps kids identify their areas of strength and weakness and finds ways to use this knowledge to uncover pathways towards success on and off the field.  It is MaxOut's belief in taking a vested interest in the lives of their clients that has lead them to develop this unique program.

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